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Innov8rs Conference Is Bringing Their Global Innovation Program to Atlanta

by Angela King

Non-stop innovation. Are you ready?

In a constantly changing business environment, industries are being disrupted one by one. In response, many large companies are now taking innovation seriously, figuring out how to change and learn faster and better.

There’s more talk — and action — around fostering intrapreneurship and creating a culture of innovation. But that doesn’t mean the life as a corporate innovator, who often is moving quickly and operating without a playbook, is getting easier.

It’s not easy to effectively and successfully implement company-wide innovation programs. This is why the Innov8rs conference was born!

During this 2-day event, March 22-23 at Atlanta Tech Park, you will join innovation experts and leaders in Atlanta to share best practices, experiment with methods and frameworks and learn new skills.

Attendees will:

  • Gain insights on trending topics today and tomorrow from global innovation experts
  • Get the real, raw stories from innovators across industries on successes, failures and everything in between
  • Work on actual challenges, guided by experts and learning from peers
  • Develop new skills and experiment with new frameworks, tools and techniques
  • Enjoy the open, personal and positive vibe as part of a tribe of 150+ corporate innovators looking for solutions to their challenges
  • Meet peers across virtually all industries responsible for driving innovation at their organizations

Topics include:

  • Succeeding with innovation labs, incubators and accelerators
  • Structuring, scaling and sustaining intrapreneurship programs
  • Culture of innovation, entrepreneurial mindset and skills
  • Innovation management, funding and metrics
  • Leadership buy-in and organizational alignment
  • Experimentation, agile and rapid prototyping
  • Digital transformation and organizational effectiveness

Day 1 will focus on understanding best and next practices from global innovation experts. On Day 2, you’ll work on actual challenges you’re experiences, and get a chance to explore Atlanta’s innovation ecosystem. You’ll learn about case studies from brands like Humana, FedEx, SAP, AT&T, Cisco and more.

Join the #1 global community for corporate innovators. Fast Movers get the best deal, so grab your tickets here!

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