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Alternative Venture Capital Firm Indie.VC Brings v3 Tour to Atlanta

by Angela King

Indie.VC is not your traditional path to investing

In 2015,  O’Reilly Alpha Tech Ventures (OATV), an early-stage investment firm, launched Indie.VC as an investing experiment. Partners Mark Jacobsen, Tim O’Reilly and Bryce Roberts wanted to create a path that gave founders time to deeply understand the levels of their business and the needs of their customers that can only come from focusing on profitability and revenue growth. Their thesis is designed to support founders with a focus on customers, revenue and profitability.

The partners also wanted founders to see into a world full of alternative VC outcomes that wouldn’t ensnare them in a cycle of trading ownership for more capital.

The thesis in action

Indie.VC started with eight companies, each given $100K, and a commitment by the team to helping them raise their revenue. The firm considered the experiment a success — revenue jumped by over 100 percent in a year and nearly 300 percent in two years.

The model is also beneficial for investors, as they can realize returns through a revenue share treated as gains instead of income.

Notable companies who have received an investment from OATV include Bitly, FourSquare and Codecademy.

The next stage and tour — Indie.VC hits the road

Applications are now open for post-revenue companies to apply to Indie.VC’s cohort 3. The program is a batch format with four quarterly retreats.

Over the next few weeks, Indie.VC will be traveling to cities around the U.S. to host info sessions. The goal for these sessions is to share experiences and motives directly with curious founders. Attendees will get a preview of what it’s like to work with the Indie.VC, hear from founders who have built their company by focusing on revenue, and get the chance to ask questions.

Want to learn about scaling your business the Indie way. You can meet the team in Atlanta on January 15 at 6 p.m. at The Gathering Spot.

Register for the info session here!

Fun facts: 50 percent of the companies Indie.VC has backed are led by female founders; nearly 20 percent are led by black founders. The majority are based outside of the Bay Area.

The deadline to apply for cohort 3 is March 1st. Final decisions will be made by March 15th. You can apply here.

Featured images via Indie.VC

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