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Improv for Business Class: Thursday Night

by Tricia Whitlock

Atlanta Improv Events and Training School will be at Hype at 6:30PM on the 22nd use improv exercises to help employees at all levels of an organization become positive leaders and powerful communicators.

$5 & Dinner/Drinks Provided



Improv isn’t just for funny people. Improv skills can be used in life and work to create a better way to communicate. For start-up folks, improv is the perfect tool for learning how to think on your feet, roll with the punches, bounce back quickly and keep moving forward. Workshops are customized to your workplace needs, and teach skills such as:

  • Actively listening to clients, customers and internal team members so you can give them what they really want.
  • Responding constructively to day to day frustrations and big-picture challenges
  • Embracing strengths and accepting ideas that harness the contributions of all team members.


Well known institutions like MIT, Duke, Stanford and Harvard have integrated improv into their business curriculum. Companies like Twitter, Google, Accenture, Ask.com and Cigna have all endorsed improv as an innovative way to train and run their companies.


“Humor and play are in the corporate mission statements of Southwest Airlines, Google and Ben & Jerry’s. At most places, you won’t read it in the manual, but companies should be thinking about it. Only 15% of people are fired for incompetence—the other 85% are fired for not getting along with others. Used effectively, humor helps people get along, decreases turnover and increases productivity. And that’s no joke.” -Forbes

More about Atlanta Improv Events and Training School: Ian Covell and Kristy Oliver have a combined 30 something years of Improv Performance and Training experience. Together, they started Atlanta Improv Events and Improv School, where they provide Improv classes, corporate training, teambuilding and special events.


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