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Join Goodie Nation in Their Fight Against Violence — Through Technology

by Angela King

Learn how you can play a role in reducing violence by 40% by the year 2020.

Way too many people are victims of violence each year in the United States. Scarier still is that the number of violence-related deaths continues to increase each year. As Goodie Nation is preparing to launch its Fall 2017 social impact pre-accelerator focused on producing tech startups dedicated to combating violence, they will host an initial panel to provide insight into this challenge. Attendees will also get to see presentations from the startups founded by college students during the Summer 2017 #HackTheViolence Goodie College Innovation Lab.

The problem: A snapshot

  • 117,000 people are shot in the US each year
  • 32,000 American lives are lost by guns each year
  • 20,000 Americans die from suicide by gun each year
  • 20% of all women will be a victim of sexual assault
  • 1,700 youth are sent to the emergency room each day due to physical assault

But Goodie Nation is doing something about it, and this event is a major part of its roadmap toward creating safer communities. During this panel discussion + mixer,  attendees will learn the types of people impacted by violence, the types of organizations involved, key insights and trends in the issue, in addition to obstacles to safety and how you can help remove these obstacles.


  • Learn about the 20+ subject-matter categories of violence, and the types of people affected
  • Discover the obstacles to creating safer communities
  • Get details on what solutions are working, and what innovative products experts would like to see developed
  • Learn how you can play a role in reducing violence 40% by the year 2020 including details on our social impact pre-accelerator

Pre-Requisites & Preparation: For this event to be most effective for you, please select a specific category of violence you’d like to focus on from the document located at http://goodiex.org/hacktheviolenceresearch

Join us in the fight to end violence, August 15th.  Register here.

About Goodie Nation

Goodie Nation builds tribes of changemakers and entrepreneurs and engages them in an innovative process to help under-served communities globally. We aim to become a world leader at empowering individuals to solve problems for their own communities.

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