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After Months of Hacking the Violence, Goodie Nation Shows Off At Demo Night

by Angela King

Goodie Innovation Demo Night is like graduation: half presentation + half celebration

Goodie Nation’s Goodie Innovation Pre-Accelerator is a four-month mission-driven tech program designed to launch early-stage startups that help reduce inequality gaps. The Fall 2017 Cohort concentrated on public safety, with the goal of reducing violence 40 percent by the year 2020.

Goodie uses tech startup entrepreneurship philosophies and methodologies, combined with culturally-relevant tactics, to create change — aiming for 10x impact, because suffering is not acceptable.

Join tech and mission-driven influencers, professionals, community organizers, passionate people, family, and friends as teams in the Hack The Violence Pre-Accelerator showcase their tech products focused on reducing violence. It’s going down January 22nd. RSVP here!

Get a sneak peek of the presenting teams

Disrupting the school-to-prison pipeline

Beyond The Classroom: B2B tool that allows after-school programs focused on 3rd-4th graders to connect with professionals to assist students with project-based learning and personal development

Village: A kid-friendly iPad chatbot that helps elementary school-aged boys identify and reflect on their emotions

TeachX: Like a Task Rabbit or Handy app for teachers and school administrators, the app helps them book professionals to talk to students with discipline violations as well as help teachers with instruction and administrative tasks

Tribe Talk: UX-friendly way to match mentors with at-risk youth ages 16-24

Mental health

Fly Life: Prevents teenage girls from self-harm with an app

Amigo: A chatbot to help undergraduate international college students cope with depression

Abuse & Assault

Defense On Go: It helps women avoid dating domestic abusers

Intercept: A web-based communications platform that will tie together groups working in the anti-human trafficking community

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