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Forget Shark Tank | Take a Dip in the Fishbowl

by Klaire Wesolowski

We’ve all been to typical pitching events and we’ve all seen Shark Tank, right? Picture a whole new approach where major companies pitch their tech-related projects or challenges to qualified startups and creatives (basically the reverse of Shark Tank). That’s what Fishbowl is.

Covello is partnering with MITEF and the Atlanta Technology Angels to bring you the very first public fishbowl event. Don’t miss your next opportunity to build relationships and work with decision makers at companies like AT&T and Harman Kardon.

Be sure to use promo code hypeh20 when you register.

May 19
6:00 PM – 8:30 PM

Hodges Room Atlanta
75 5th St NW, Suite 355
Atlanta, GA 30318

How it works:

  • Companies pitching get a fast, cost effect delivery while building local relationships.
  • Startups and creatives get access to decision makers, projects and capital to grow.
  • A fishbowl conversation is a form of dialog that can be used when discussing topics within large groups. Fishbowl is not only suitable for large groups but, it provides an advantage by lowering distinctions between the companies pitching and the startups/audience.
  • It makes the environment inviting and engaging; something that many small companies would never have an opportunity of receiving.

About covello:
covello is a collaborative growth company helping their clients to think differently, execute, and explore the unknown.

About MITEF:
MITEF team members inform, connect, and coach technology entrepreneurs—enabling them to rapidly transform ideas into world-changing companies. It’s a global network of local organizations, inspired by MIT, and open to the world.

About ATA:
Atlanta Tech Angels is one of the nation’s top Angel Investing networks. It includes members and VC affiliates in Atlanta and across Georgia that work together to evaluate and fund early-stage companies. Its mission is to provide opportunities for members to invest in top tier early-stage companies in the South East.

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