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Fast Pitch… We’re Not Talking Softball

by Tricia Whitlock

Apply for the AT&T Foundry Big Data and Consumer Insights Fast Pitch

Jan, 27th @ Atlanta Foundry 

Come out and show ’em what you got! The AT&T Foundry and the AT&T Big Data and Consumer Insights organization are teaming up to host a fast pitch in the Atlanta Foundry. If you are doing something that can help make sense of complex webs of data, they want to meet you! Got predictive technology that allows for intelligent conclusions to be drawn from various data sources? Visualization technology that helps make sense of complex data? Social data collection tools that can provide deeper insights? Analysis tools with the ability to link data across multiple screens? The AT&T Foundry Big Data and Consumer Insights is interested in working with you to accelerate your growth.  

Application deadline: Noon Tuesday, January 21st

Interested in applying?

Email your answers to the below questions to events@tfoundry.com

1)      Company name

2)      Preferred email address

3)      Preferred telephone number

4)      Brief introduction to your company and an overview of your solution

5)      Business or technical relevance of your product for AT&T Big Data team

Good luck!

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