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100 doers. 2 days. 3 big ideas.

by Scott Henderson

The time for action is now

On October 17-18, 100 doers from across Atlanta will gather for the Core Reaction. Over those two days, they will answer the question “How would you like to see Atlanta thrive, play, and grow in the next five years?”

This ain’t just a bunch of talkers talking. These folks are doers and builders. People who turn ideas into action.


So how can you help? There’s two ways for you to participate.

1. Submit your ideas online and encourage others

You’re going to have 100 amazing people working for two days building out ideas. Why not give them some of your best ideas to make Atlanta better? Submit your ideas.

2. Apply to be 1 of the 100 (only 35 spots remain)

We have about 35 slots left and have already assembled a diverse group of impressive people. But we need a few more. Apply here today.

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