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Put Down Those Cookies and Feed Your Soul With These B2C Startups Instead

by Angela King

Switchyards Downtown Club is bringing you another installment of its monthly pitch event The Consumer Show, February 1st. It’s called “The Consumer Show” (or #theconsumershow for our Twitteratti) because it’s only for startups that build products for consumers — and that might be you! 

Cool stuff from a recent Consumer Show: a video, a recap and photos.

Five startups will each present for five minutes. Then each will spend a few minutes on two topics: what can the community do to help their startup the most, and what successes or insights can they give back to other consumer startups.

Are you in? We (always) are! RSVP here!

Drum roll please… the presenting companies are:

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Prissy Tomboy Athletics
The go-to playbook that elevates and expands the potential in women and teen girls both in business and life.

Quantum Gravity
Quantum Gravity designs and makes superior-quality sunglasses handcrafted in Italy with unique designs, colors, lenses and materials that exceed the quality and style of the best brands in the world.

TrailMonkeez works with experienced educators to choose toys and that match your child’s interests, passions, and developmental and educational needs.

Wedding Soda
If you’re looking for a better way to wed, here it is! Wedding Soda has everything you need to keep you, your wedding party and guests informed and on top of things

Featured images by Jason Seagle

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