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Connect.JS – Get In Before It’s Sold Out

by Klaire Wesolowski

Join Connect.JS for 1 workshop day and 2 conference days with 100 sessions in 9 tracks, after parties, prizes and fun for all. Topics this year include AngularJS, React.JS, Testing JavaScript, Advanced JavaScript, Enterprise JavaScript, Cross-platform Mobile Development with Phonegap & Ionic, Server-side JavaScript, Design/UI/UX, Rails, PHP.

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When & Where:
October 16 – 17
Cobb Galleria Centre

About Connect.js:
Connect.js Atlanta’s premier Web conference returns for 2015. The 2014 event sold out and was hugely successful – this year they are adding Ruby and PHP to the mix for the devstravaganza… Connect.js has already lined up some early community experts and will be adding many more during the CFP period.

Hear from experts presenting in eight concurrent tracks:

  • Core JavaScript
  • Advanced JavaScript & Frameworks
  • Design & UI & UX
  • Web/HTML/CSS
  • React.JS
  • Server-side JavaScript – Node.js
  • PHP
  • Ruby & Rails

The Workshops

Workshop 1 – From Beginner to Advanced JavaScript
In this one-day intensive course, dive deep into core mechanisms of the JS language, probably more than you ever have before. The goal is to not merely understand what these things do, but how and why. Bring your laptop.

• nested lexical scope
• hoisting
• closures
• modules
• ‘this’ keyword
• common oo patterns
• object prototypes
• delegation vs inheritance

Instructor: Kyle Simpson, author of “You Don’t Know JS” books, “Scope & Closures” and “this & Object Prototypes”.

Workshop 2 – Intro to Node.js
This workshop requires basic JavaScript knowledge (variables, control structures, functions, objects, etc) and a laptop (it’s hands-on!).

This workshop will take your JavaScript skills and put them to use in Node.js. The discussion will start with what Node is at its core and then move into some run time basics, covering topics from writing modules, using core modules, the process object, and building web applications. From there you’ll start building out a small application using common modules and the open source Express framework, focusing on modularity and using the connect pattern for middleware.

Other topics include: discussions of data stores and ORMs (and ODMs) and dev-ops tools like process management and profiling. This is a hands-on session and attendees should come prepared to code. A solid understanding of JavaScript is necessary, but you don’t need to be an expert to get something out of this session!

Instructor: Jordan Kaspar, StrongLoop

Workshop 3 – Hacking Web Components and Polymer
There are numerous component-based web frameworks and JavaScript widget libraries. They allow you to build custom UI components, but those components won’t work outside of the framework. It’s also hard to mix and match UI components from different frameworks.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a standard way to build a UI component that runs in a browser? A component model that is part of the open web? Finally, there is: HTML5 Web Components, an emerging standard from the Web Applications Working Group (WAWG). HTML5 Web Components, an emerging standard from the Web Applications Working Group (WAWG). Web Components consists of five different standards: Templates, Decorators, Custom Elements, Shadow DOM, and Imports. Together, these standards allow you to build custom widgets with HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS that can be used just like native HTML elements.

Since the standards are not fully supported in all browsers, you need a library to support them in non-compliant browsers. Google’s Polymer does just this, and more.

Come to this workshop to learn about these exciting new technologies hands-on.

Instructor: Kito D. Mann editor-in-chief of JSFCentral.com, co-host of the Enterprise Java Newscast, host of the JSF Podcast interview series, and the author of JavaServer Faces in Action (Manning). Mann has participated in several Java Community Process expert groups (including CDI, JSF and Portlets) and is also an internationally recognized speaker.

Workshop 4 – Angular.js
In this workshop we will get down and dirty with Angular. In this workshop you will start with the very basics of how to boostrap our AngularJS application, and work slowly towards making REST-ful AJAX requests to a backend. List of topics include:

• Bootstrapping an AngularJS application using ng-app
• ng-init and the evaluation {{ }} directive
• A brief look at $rootScope
• ng-model
• Controllers, Dependency Injection, and the View-Model ($scope)
• Looping using hg-repeat
• Forms using ng-form, form validation and submission in AngularJS
• Angular provided filters and how to write our own
• Factories
• Making AJAX requests using $http
• Routing and route params using $routeProvider and $routeParams

This is a hands on tutorial so bring your laptops!

Instructor: Raju Gandhi is an internationally recognized speaker. He is a Software Craftsman with over a decade of experience building Web Applications and Enterprise Software who loves to build great software.Hacking Web Components and Polymer

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