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Next Week Is The Freakin Geekend!

by Taylor Erwin

Geekend is the content-driven interactive conference phenomenon you have been waiting for your whole life. Join the masses next week as the brightest designers, coders, innovators, artists, technology mavericks, and forward-thinking entrepreneurs flock to Savannah for several days packed with cutting edge speakers, fun-filled after parties, and amazing networking opportunities. RSVP for the entire conference and make special note to attend the Pitch Circus. True Venture founder John Burke will serve as the Ring Master, juggling questions from invited investors and you, the audience, as the entrepreneurs take turns presenting their latest and greatest. The teams and individuals presenting are hand-picked for the event so we know there will be no clowning around. Plus you get to vote on the winner, so that’s pretty cool.

Who’s Pitching This Year:

1. Brian Bason, Bark:
Founded in 2015, Bark is a monthly subscription software that helps keep children safe online from cyberbullying, phishing, and more. Using proprietary machine learning based software, Bark, alerts parents and children to potentially dangerous activity, along with specific, relevant information and recommendations. It is designed to facilitate conversation and education between parents and their children around online safety.

2. Frank Evers, Dox Studios:
Established just five months ago, Dox Studios is a game production company working on its first video game title, The War Game, with a team from Savannah.

3. Elva Jiang, The Spiked Orchid
Based in Savannah, Georgia, the creation of ELVAINE was inspired by Elva’s YMA Geoffrey Beene winning collection of wearable technology, “The Spiked Orchid”.  With the passion to empower modern women, The Spiked Orchid embraces the latest technology in their jewelry to provide women with fashion that enhances both their personal and professional objectives.

4. Tommy Linstroth, Green Badger
Green Badger LLC was founded by Tommy Linstroth, a leading green building expert to make life easier for all of those working on LEED projects. Green Badger’s mission is to make the LEED documentation process as simple as possible.  Owners and project teams should not be spending their valuable time and money on paperwork – they should focus on designing and constructing greener buildings. Green Badger exists to help make that happen.

5. David Ropes, mobiPet
Two pet owners who wanted to come up with a better solution for what you can do if your Pet goes missing. What if pet owners could send out a virtual Lost Pet Poster amber alert to other pet owners, pet finders, animal shelters and animal control in your area with the click of a button on their cell phone? Using patented image recognition technology, your cell phone, and a photo of your pet, mobiPet has developed a new and faster way to notify folks of a missing pet.

And just in case you need a little extra oomph to get you to Geekend, hear why speakers Jacqueline Verdier and Annie Eaton are so pumped about it:

“Dominic and I love that Geekend brings together a diverse group of entrepreneurs, developers, marketers, and innovators and we’re looking forward to adding our voices to the weekend’s conversations.  We hope that the attendees will learn from our strategies and find inspiration in both the hard work and the fun we’ve had making Selfie On A Stick stand out from the competition and become the most talked about brand in our market!” – Jacqueline Verdier | CEO, Selfie On A Stick.

“We are so excited for this year’s Geekend. Most people, when they hear the words “virtual reality,” just think about gaming, but we’re eager to share our own experiences with the platform, from medical to fashion to manufacturing. ATLvr is psyched to introduce this diverse crowd of entrepreneurs to the past, present and future of virtual reality.” – Annie Eaton | CEO, ATLvr

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