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Boards & Beers | Combining Gaming, Playtesting, Booze

by Klaire Wesolowski

Whether you’re a player or a game designer, you won’t want to miss Oil & Rope‘s gaming and playtesting day, Boards and Beers. This is a one of a kind mixed event, combining an all-day tabletop gaming event with a back room specifically for play testing. You can bring a prototype and have other designers (as well as everyday gamers) test it out. Even if you’ve never played Tabletop before, there will be plenty of options for both new and experienced players.

Plus, beer and prizes to play testers will be provided, so how could you say no? Grab your ticket & fill out a contact form in order to participate. Space is limited as this is a special event with ATL’s finest designers!

February 28
12 PM – 9 PM

Phase A
482 Edgewood Ave
Atlanta, GA 30312

$8 in advance
$12 at the door
Tickets include admission, one drink ticket and one chance to win a copy of “The Castles of Mad King Ludwig!” A few “surprises” will also be raffled off over the course of the afternoon.

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