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Bitcoin Developer Community to Convene for TABConf

by Angela King

TABConf is back!  The conference kicks off November 4-6.

Created in 2018, The Atlanta Bitcoin Conference (TABConf) was formed to help educate communities about decentralized and blockchain technologies.  The grassroots event focuses on quality content, provides education, builds community, and challenges attendees to learn new things.

In addition to workshops and panels, the 3-day conference will have physical collectible coins that will allow attendees to participate in a conference challenge.  The challenge will take participants deeper into the bitcoin blockchain.


Villages are rooms for creative communities to run their own agenda and activities at the conference. These rooms add a unique experience to the event which allows attendees to focus and spend time with a specific interest group. Top rooms include a focus on privacy, bitcoin gaming, and lightning poker & charity.

Conference Coin (What’s a bitcoin conference without it!)

Each year organizers make new die molds to create unique coins with an awesome design for the conference. These are physical collectible bitcoin coins that are only produced the year of the event.


The speaker lineup will include bitcoin educators, contributors, researchers, developers and industry experts.

You can register for the conference with either Eventbrite or OpenNode.  Register here!

Feature image via MarketWatch.

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