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Atlanta Tech Village is Telling it From Her Perspective

by Angela King

Now is the time to have the tough conversation about issues that women in tech face

Research shows that women leave the tech industry at a 45 percent higher rate than men. However, what statistics don’t show the number of women who are being treated unfairly, underpaid, or unable to advance positions. Atlanta Tech Village (ATV) is working to bring this unfair treatment to light with Her Perspective, May 3.

Her Perspective is a fireside chat with women leaders in the tech industry sharing their personal experiences and stories on overcoming stigmas, stereotypes, and unconscious bias.

This event is part of ATV’s initiative It Takes A Village#ItTakesAVillage aims to merge an entire community with different skill sets, backgrounds, and cultures which is critical to produce the most productive and innovative companies. ATV has pledged to have honest and open conversations about how the community can work together to support startups and organizations led by women and people of color.

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