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The Annual Atlanta Blockchain Week Is Back — And This Year, Attendees Can Pay With Crypto

by Angela King

After great success with last year’s inaugural event, the Georgia Blockchain Coalition has announced the return of Atlanta Blockchain Week. The multi-event, week-long series will showcase blockchain companies, community organizations, and startups, and highlight the latest research in the world of cryptocurrency.

Over 2,000 attendees are expected to attend the dozen-plus curated events over the week. Events will cover topics surrounding development, enterprise, startups, gaming, education and community aspects of blockchain technology. And, to get into the spirit, the conference organizers have enabled attendees to pay for their event tickets with cryptocurrency!

Featured events

The week kicks off with dAppHacks, a 48-hour blockchain hackathon. Participants build alongside fellow distributed app enthusiasts to turn an existing application into a distributed, trustless app. Other events include:

Blockchain Developer Seminar by Kingsland University: Get hands-on developer experience in wallets, dApps, and consensus algorithms from leading global education institution Kingland University

It’s Showtime: Blockchain in Entertainment: The entertainment and media industries place a premium on protecting and monetizing intellectual property. Join fellow developers to learn how blockchain can help enable this goal.

Gaming: Gateway to the Blockchain: Come learn more about and interact with blockchain gamers, digital assets, goods, and NFTs. 

Entrepreneurs’ Round Table & Demo DayThis event is for founders, investors, and developer teams to demo new products and share experiences about launching a company in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. 

Women Who Rock the Block: Women of Blockchain Atlanta will host this event with a keynote, a panel on Diversity and Inclusion in Blockchain, and a series of interactive games.

Crypto & Cannabis Brunch: The guest panel will discuss how both Cannabis and Cryptocurrency will create new opportunities and impact existing industries. Learn how you can get involved in the Cannabis gold rush!

Tap into the wealth of opportunities at Atlanta Blockchain Week. Grab your tickets here.

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