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Apply for House of Genius

by Angela King

With over 5 million inhabitants, the Atlanta area hosts a fast-growing entrepreneurial ecosystem. Entrepreneurs foster innovation, development and growth and naturally, they also face difficulties. We believe that collaboration serves an important role in helping organizations overcome challenges. House of Genius in Atlanta is delighted to connect challenges from the real world to a diverse array of problem solvers, fostering disruptive thinking, supportive input and creative new ideas. We are committed to diversity among panelists and presenters and we support initiatives at all stages of their growth.

House of Genius brings together entrepreneurs and a diverse mix of collaborators from the community for an evening each month of disruptive thinking, supportive input, and creative new ideas.

House of Genius is always looking for great presenters, and engaged attendees and new sponsors. House of Genius Atlanta meets on the third Thursday each month from 6:45-9:30 pm. The event is invitation only and our location changes.  Use the application page if you’d like to attend or present.  Find out more at http://houseofgenius.org/

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