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6 Weeks of Startup Coaching in 1 Day | Super Accelerator

by Klaire Wesolowski

1 Day Accelerator with K.P. Reddy is an accelerator like no other that helps entrepreneurs turn an idea into a scalable business. Imagine six weeks of programming distilled into one impactful day of actionable work.

K.P. Reddy, a vibrant speaker, serial entrepreneur, author, and investor with a passion for helping entrepreneurs succeed. K.P. created the One Day Accelerator to assist individuals, students, and companies at all stages in the startup community. The program is designed to hone your concept, understand lean startup methodology and launch new products.

Can’t pass up this intense day of entrepreneurship coaching? Check out the details & register.

Opportunity Hub
426 Marietta Street, Suite 100 A
atlanta, ga 30313

August 1
10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

How it works:
You’ll move your ideas forward and walk away with a clearer understanding of your product in the marketplace. At the end is a best pitch competition where teams pitch and judges choose the best idea.

The workshop helps you learn to think differently with a renewed vantage point ideate and understand how to launch new products. Accelerators help to create strong working relationships with a diverse group of people by sharing knowledge and many experiences. The workshop includes a full day of activities including lectures, team exercises, pitch practice and plenty of excitement. After a morning lecture, small groups are formed and focus on hypothesis development, testing hypothesis and doing customer discovery. The One-Day Accelerator concludes with teams competing for the best pitch in front of experienced leaders who judge the groups to determine the best idea.

About K.P. Reddy:
KP Reddy is an author, serial entrepreneur, speaker and thought leader with over 20 years’ experience in advanced technology and disruptive innovation. He is a globally-recognized expert on advanced technologies, including Building Information Modeling (BIM), Collaborative Communication, Artificial Intelligence, Semantics Database, Mobile Applications and Cloud computing. In 2012, KP published his book BIM for Building Owners and Developers. The book focuses on adoption of advanced technology in the infrastructure space and is used by leading companies and universities. KP has spent the last year at ATDC (Advanced Technology Development Center) as a Catalyst and Interim General Manager. KP is a Managing Partner with AMPIRIX, an analyst-research-consulting firm that recommends innovative solutions, identifies and helps launch new products, expands into new markets, direct strategic acquisitions and forge corporate relationships.

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