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5 Startups. 5 Pitches. 5 Minutes.

by Klaire Wesolowski

You’re invited to 5 Startups. 5 Pitches. 5 Minutes.  Given only 5 minutes, each participating company will share their stories and business ideas as quickly and effectively as possible. The aim of these pitches is for the startups to sell their company, and get you excited about what they have to offer. The pitches will be given at a catered luncheon at the Peachtree Corners Technology Incubator.

April 1
12:30 PM – 2:00 PM

22 Technology Pkwy S Norcross

Meet the Speakers:
Ian Easton: ATADATA; ATADATA is a privately owned technology company based in metro area Atlanta, GA with expertise and specialization in automated data center and cloud migrations for the enterprise – they call this Workload Portability. This proven and proprietary technology allows customers to deliver IT Transformation services without business disruption (zero defect, zero downtime) that are data-informed, accurate and fast, saving time and money for their client.

Kyle Valencia: Motivdeals; Motivdeals fundraising is the digital version of those fundraising deal cards and booklets that organizations sell to local residents in order to raise money. They create all revenue through the sales of these fundraising membership, (It’s a SaaS model); therefore, they are able to give local businesses the ability to create and manage specialized deals 100% free WITHOUT being gouged like other deal services.

Chris Hamilton: Novarata; Novarata does mobile application development, both Android and iOS. They specialize in helping companies develop a mobile strategy and executing it while keeping the evolving business goals in mind. They specialize in manufacturing, distribution and retail apps for mobile workers and customers.

Suri Anantharama: Sonline; Sonline’s 24/7 Global Operations center ensures availability providing IT services round the clock. The goal is to ensure complete customer satisfaction and nothing short of it. The mission of Sonline is to bring value to customers in every possible way. They assist clients to succeed in their business by building innovative Solutions , value added Services, helping their growth and overall Sales revenue.

Bruce Rasa: TekWear; TekWear is an agricultural technology company focused on developing wearable technology solutions that provide value to farmers and their trusted partners around the world. TekWear has a patent pending wearable farmer dashboard system which includes smart glasses and other wearable hands free technologies to help farmers and ranchers, and the trusted partners that support them, to work safely and more efficiently. The system encompasses crop scouting for multiple crops in fields, remote animal monitoring, machinery support and a range of essential farming and agribusiness tasks.

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