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This Technology Is Bringing Safari & Other Adventures to the Atlanta BeltLine

by Maija Ehlinger

Filmmakers, engineers, and entrepreneurs are coming together to bring a new type of adventure to the Eastside BeltLine trail.

Illuminarium, an experiential educational and entertainment venue, is launching this summer with a ‘reprogrammable’ immersive theater.

Its first adventure: A full African safari.

The interactive virtual experience will allow visitors to “walk” alongside lions, giraffes, and other animals as the walls and floor transform with 16K resolution film captured from across Africa.

Unlike virtual reality experiences, visitors do not wear any eye gear upon entering the 30,000 square foot space. Instead, the 360 canvas and new audio technology create a personalized experience for each patron based on their location in the room. As a reprogrammable space, one Illuminarium room can transform to bring 500 people from the surface of the moon to the depths of the ocean to just about anywhere in between.

The Technology Behind Experiential Entertainment 

Hypepotamus took a tour of the space as the Illuminarium team was putting the finishing touches on the WILD experience. Haptic infrared technology brings space to life, making it possible to “feel” the ground shake as an elephant passes by, and Panasonic’s 4K projection technology makes it possible to project 3 billion pixels on the walls to bring the film to life.

LiDAR tracking sensors, used in self-driving cars, bring a new interactive layer to the entire experience.

The entire space is made possible through partnerships with Radical Media, design company Rockwell Group (the team behind the 93rd Oscars’ set), and Legends Global Attraction, which serves as the venue and operational backbone.

Behind it all is Alan Greenberg, a five-time entrepreneur who has had previous successes in the HealthTech, academic, and media spaces. Greenberg says the space is designed to “democratize extraordinary experiences,” as people are transported to places they might not otherwise have access to.

While the Illuminarium will soon expand to Las Vegas, Miami, and other major cities around the globe, Atlanta will serve as the global R&D hub as the startup continues to build out new filmmaking techniques and experiential technologies.


From Education to Late Night Entertainment

Illuminarium will transform into a nightlife spot and bar with “Illuminarium After Dark.” Visitors will be able to drink and relax while immersed in a Tokyo night market, a Mediterranean garden, or while diving below the surface of the ocean or floating among the clouds.

Renderings Courtesy of LAB at Rockwell Group


Illuminarium is one of several experiential entertainment spaces capitalizing on Atlanta’s unique cultural and musical landscape. The Art of Banksy: “Without Limits” making its North American debut at the Westside Cultural Arts Center (WCAC) in Midtown Atlanta this September, and Van Gough: The Immersive Experience, opened in Atlanta’s Kirkwood neighborhood with its VR exhibit and two-story projections of the artist’s most beloved pieces.

But Illuminairum looks to be a permanent entertainment and educational space for Atlantans looking to visit new locations from their own backyards.

To date, Illuminarium Experiences has raised $100 million in initial funding. Connecticut-based Eldridge, a new significant investor, previously invested in construction tech startup Prescient, DraftKings, and MasterClass. Todd Boehly, Co-founder and CEO of Eldridge, said that the startup “complements many of our investments across the entertainment and consumer landscapes, and we look forward to partnering with Alan and his team to continue to grow Illuminarium.”

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