TEDxAtlanta Celebrates New Decade By Going Back To The Beginning

After canceling its traditional springtime conference in 2020, TEDxAtlanta is back in 2021 with a virtual lineup. 

The April 16th event is particularly important for the local conference first launched in 2009, license holder Jacqui Chew told Hypepotamus. 

 “It’s a new beginning, and the first show of the new decade.” 

As the conference looks to connect ideas and change-makers from across Atlanta to the wider audience, the theme this year focuses on the importance of embracing change and new beginnings. 

“It became really apparent to us that the circumstances really called for a show around renewal, new beginnings…a show that addressed the changes that we are all going through,” said Chew.

The conference, which will be hosted on the EventTech platform Hopin, will bring together twelve curated speakers who will have up to twelve minutes to speak on the topic “Begin at the beginning.”

The new format will also include Discovery Sessions, which will be virtual workshops and meetings led by this year’s speakers. Chew told Hypepotamus that participants will have the chance to connect and learn during improv sessions and art lessons. 


Connecting in a virtually-saturated world 

Be it on Zoom, Clubhouse, or one of the many other platforms used to bring people together, events and conferences have looked to find ways to mimic the in-person experience in a virtual setting.

Chew said that TEDx organizers from across the world have actually turned to Clubhouse to connect twice a week to learn more about best practices. “We get together to share ideas about how we are creating that environment for learning and discussion. 

While Chew believes that in-person events will make a comeback after the pandemic, she also noted that the virtual format also helps TEDxAtlanta get the word out about local ideas to a more national audience. 

“That’s what TED is all about. It’s about gathering people together from disparate backgrounds…and then spurring deep discussion.” 

Technology-focused speakers from past conferences in Atlanta have included Roop Singh, John Bradford, Celine Irvene, and Goodr’s Jasmine Crowe, to name a few.  

Those interested in attending can buy a ticket here to secure early-bird pricing.