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For Atlanta-based SnapNurse, Flexibility Is Central To Post-Pandemic Medical Staffing

by Maija Ehlinger

A startup founder must know they’re on to something when the name of their company becomes a verb. 

That’s exactly what founder and CEO Cherie Kloss hears from nurses and medical workers using SnapNurse to find short-term positions or travel nursing contracts. 

“We’re seeing people post ‘I just got snapped’ or ‘I want to try SnapNursing.’” 

The pandemic drastically changed how healthcare professionals think about employment. The priority now, Kloss says, is flexibility. 

This gig work model that SnapNurse provides helps both workers and healthcare facilities, says Kloss. 

It would previously take upwards of 14 days to fill a travel nursing position; SnapNurse’s platform cuts that down to less than two days. Acute care hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care centers, and even retail spaces rolling out short-term vaccination stations can use SnapNurse to hire quickly and outsource the more tedious parts of staffing. 

SnapNurse currently has a database of 165,000 workers, including RNs, CNAs, LPNs, Allied Health staff like pharmacists, and healthcare admins. Many were furloughed during COVID and are now looking to continue with flexible, gig-style employment opportunities on the other side of the pandemic. 


Gig Work In The Medical Community

Kloss, an Emory University School of Medicine graduate, tells Hypepotamus working across the city on per diem contracts during her 17-year career as an anesthetist made her realize how inefficient the system was. “During that time it was all missed voicemails, phone calls back and forth, scheduling things on paper, and faxing over credentials. Things were getting lost. And I thought this was something that could definitely be changed and improved through the use of technology.” 

Streamlining the credentialing, staffing, and ultimately payment side of nursing has helped SnapNurse become one of the fastest-growing startups in Atlanta. 

One important part of their success: daily payments. 

The early wage access industry, Kloss says, is gaining popularity as companies compete for employee talent coming out of the pandemic. 

Kloss says they didn’t intend to build a FinTech solution, but there was simply not a good solution out there to allow daily W-2 payments. The patented infrastructure “recognizes fraudulent timecards and helps approve time cards very quickly, and still works with all the multiple systems of every hospital,” she adds.  

This has even rolled into a new revenue stream for the company, Paymint

The internal team has grown to be 300 people, many of whom are on the engineering and technology side of the business. From its new Colony Square office space, the startup sees contingent workers remaining central to the medical staffing process even after the pandemic.

Without disclosing valuation numbers, Kloss tells Hypepotamus the company is “reaching unicorn status.” 

The startup was funded early on by a friend and family round and took growth equity investment last November to fuel growth. 


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