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Small biz marketers are stretched thin, so Mailchimp is launching 150 new features to help them out

by Maija Ehlinger

That’s how many new features Mailchimp users have at their fingertips in order to build and analyze marketing campaigns. 

The new and updated features are designed to keep up with the day-to-day needs of busy marketers, says Mailchimp’s Sr. Director of Product Development Jenny Gibson

Mailchimp users have long been the ‘jack of all trades’ small business owners. But now many users have grown to be small businesses and startups with sophisticated “but stretched thin” marketing teams that need better creative and analytical tools. 

Those marketing teams are often dealing with ‘tech stack bloat,’ meaning they are switching constantly between different platforms, spreadsheets, and dashboards throughout the day to keep up with campaigns and metrics. 

Mailchimp’s new features are designed to combat this bloat by putting more marketing tools in one place. They are also helping marketers keep up with the evolving realities of a competitive landscape, Gibson added. 

“There’s less room for error for a lot of the small businesses than there was a year ago,” Gibson told Hypepotamus. “So data-driven marketing, connecting people with the outcome of the marketing that they’re doing, and [optimizing] that marketing for the next go around is becoming increasingly important. It is all about helping people improve their marketing with each iteration because right now what we’re seeing with small businesses is that they really need ROI (return on investment) to be the primary KPI that they optimize around.” 


What Marketers Can Expect 

A lot of the updates are catered towards mid-market businesses implementing A/B testing, segmentation, and those who are looking to increase the number of touchpoints they have with different customers. 

Included in the 150 new features is a beta version of SMS marketing features, more custom reports, more email templates, and new segmentation tools for those using Mailchimp’s e-commerce automation tools. 

It is also making some features like multivariate testing, comparative reports, and advanced segmentation – which have traditionally been for premium members – available to users who pay on the standard plan. 

Gibson said the new Custom Report Builder not only gives users more access to their data, but it also helps marketers better articulate the value of their work inside of the company. 


Driving Revenue, Getting Personal 

While we were chatting to Gibson about the new features, we had to pick her brain about what tips and tricks she views as essential for marketers. 

For her, it is all about personalization and testing. 

“Personalization is the end game for all marketers. They want to make sure that the segment that they’re sending to has the right message,” Gibson said, adding that marketers need to test out different messages, photos, and subject lines. 

Want to explore all the new updates? Check them all out here.



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