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$100+ Million Investment Brings Together Two Southeast Healthcare Startups

by Maija Ehlinger

Two Southeastern-based HealthTech startups are joining forces to improve communication between patients and doctor’s offices. 

Nashville-based Relatient, Inc., a patient engagement software startup, announced today it has signed a definitive agreement to merge with Radix Health, an Atlanta-based patient-focused technology company.

Arun Mohan, Radix Health’s co-founder and CEO, says he has been a “long-time admirer” of what the Relatient team has been building in the space.

The merger comes as healthcare providers work to keep up with digital transformation trends and focus on streamlined, personalized patient communication. 

While the two companies were competitors previously, their primary focuses are complementary. Radix works on helping patients find and engage with a provider, and Relatient has built its business on patient follow-up. Relatient currently integrates with over 85 electronic health record and practice management systems. 

Michele Perry of Relatient

Michele Perry, Relatient’s CEO, tells Hypepotamus the merger “is about taking the best product in two key areas to help patients going forward: one around messaging and patient engagement and one around scheduling and optimization.” 

The scheduling and appointment reminder software is said to help decrease the rate of no-shows and optimize the number of appointment slots a provider has available. 

“It’s good for the patient, but it’s good for these practices to help with scheduling and [optimizing] revenues,” she adds.

“As a physician, I know how much the individual patient-provider relationship matters, and it’s at the very core of Relatient,” Mohan added in a press statement. “With Relatient we are confident that we will not only make it easier for patients to see their providers by expanding lines of communication between patients and caregivers, ultimately taking their care delivery to the next level.”

Growth Investment 

The merger comes alongside the announcement of a $100+ million capital raise, led by  Brighton Park Capital.

Brighton, a Connecticut-based investment firm that has a specific focus on the healthcare innovation space, originally invested in Relatient back in November of 2019. 

This is the second Nashville-based investment for the Brighton team in as many months, following a $75 million venture round with healthcare data startup XSOLIS

The merger will mean the team has 225 employees across offices in Tennessee, Atlanta, and India. All but one person from Radix’s leadership team will be transitioning over post-merger, Mohan says. 

In addition to buying Rabix, the new influx of capital will go towards hiring. 

The merger also highlights the strength of the Southeastern HealthTech ecosystem. 

Started in 2014 with an office in West Midtown, Radix Health has grown to be an important player in the patient access space.

Mohan credits Atlanta’s booming healthcare systems for making Radix Health’s success to date possible. “Our earliest clients were all Atlanta-based groups that have been on all ends of innovation.”

Arun Mohan of Radix Health


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Featured Photo: Anup Lakare (co-founder of Radix Health), Michele Perry and Arun Mohan


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