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This Family of Founders Is Helping Perfect Your Job Pitch

by Maija Ehlinger

The meaning behind the name of Atlanta-based startup Quinn Cobbledger is personal for mother-son founding team Laura Emory Matthews and Wesley Matthews

It’s a combination of streets the family grew up on over the years. But the problem they are solving for is far too universal in the world of job hunting. 

During the hiring process, unconscious bias and unmatched expectations make it even harder to navigate an already convoluted job market. 

“We want to cut out the opportunities for bias to creep in,” Wesley told Hypepotamus. The goal is to ensure that candidates aren’t screened out because of a LinkedIn headshot or the school they attended. 

On the job seeker side, Job Pitch is the startup’s first go-to-market product. 

The SaaS looks to expand the pool of diverse talent by flipping the script on how traditional job boards or applicant tracking systems work. Unlike other recruiting systems, candidates do not apply for individual positions. Rather, candidates record short clips about themselves, put salary and other requirements upfront, and highlight skills and assets they are looking to bring to their next job.

Job seekers can also earn different verification badges based on military, educational, and credit backgrounds as well as Work Opportunity Tax Credits qualification status. 

The goal is to also create an environment in which candidates are supported throughout the job search process by making it easier to connect with mental health professionals. This is about taking a holistic view of the job search, said Wesley. “If you’re stressed, you aren’t going to do your best. You might miss an opportunity, or you might mess up an interview.” 

On the recruiter side, users can search through posted job pitches, salary expectations, and other key metrics. It is also a fraction of the cost of LinkedIn Recruiter, making it a key tool for companies looking for talent.

The team has plans to help internal candidates land new positions on its roadmap next year.  

It is about bringing transparency and equal pay opportunities to the hiring process, Wesley told Hypepotamus. It is also about helping recruiters find more diverse candidates.

“We want to make sure our app could be used by people who weren’t born with a smartphone in their hand,” added Wesley. That is particularly important because the founding team brings together several generations. Wesley decided to go into business with his mother, Laura, after COVID “changed how and where we work.”

While the team is just getting off the ground, they have already turned heads at some of Atlanta’s largest corporations. 

Quinn Cobbledger was part of the Equifax 2021 Developer Challenge and Accelerator Program. The consumer credit reporting giant is part of bringing the verification badges and automatic background checks to life. 

The team also credits Cedric McAlpine (Microsoft), Geano Thompson (Ernst & Young), Danese Turner (Streamline Health), Jordan Davis (Bank of America), Brandon Douglas (Salesforce), 1871 Chicago, and Jeff Sternberg (Google Cloud) for helping to get the platform launched.

Quinn Cobbledger is currently targeting companies and corporations in its own backyard in Atlanta.

“We believe that we can build a better working world, starting in Atlanta,” Wesley added. “I don’t think you should have to go to California and New York to build a tech company.”



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