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Atlanta-based Pruuvn Takes On Antiquated Hiring Verification Process For Gig Workers

by Maija Ehlinger

If you’ve ever tried to track down a college transcript or skill-based certificate for a new job, you know all about the arduous employment verification process.

But it is also a stressful process for employers at service-based companies hiring in “high risk, high turnover” industries. 

Civil engineer Bryan Hobbs decided to enter the entrepreneurial space to fix that problem. The answer he came up with is Pruuvn, an Atlanta-based data trust platform that helps companies verify information during the hiring and onboarding process.

As a credentialing and data management tool, Pruuvn is looking to reshape how individuals relay compliance information and other key employment details to potential employers. 

Pruuvn’s blockchain infrastructure, which utilizes Hyperledge Fabric, stores static and personal information (think social security numbers, certifications, licenses, and degrees). This ensures that companies don’t have to “dig” around for hiring verification paperwork with each new hire. 

Most of the verification on the Pruuvn side happens by working directly with the source that issued a specific credential.

Joining Hobbs as COO is Dr. Marcus W. Shute, a Georgia Tech Ph.D. who has worked across tech and academia. Shute built up venture-backed tech startups in the past and is now a mentor at ATDC. He knew that focusing on and building up one use case for the platform would be important for the early-stage startup to scale.

So Pruuvn is first focusing on “trusted relationships” within the gig economy, particularly on-demand transportation companies that rely on independent contractors and freelancers.

That market touches upwards of 16% of all American workers, according to a recent report by the Pew Research Center. Shute believes that number will only continue to rise as people look for more flexible, remote work options. 

Marcus W. Shute, Ph.D.


Pruuvn is looking to be the “industry leader” in credential verification in the gig economy space. “Whether you’re delivering food, alcohol, people, medicine, items…these companies are high risk, high turnover with transient workers. This is where we need to be starting off,” added Hobbs. 

Pruuvn has gone through Ascend2020ATL/JP Morgan Chase Accelerator (Nov 2018), The Farm/Comcast/NBC Accelerator (Q4 2019), and Bronze Valley Accelerator/gBETA in Q3 of 2021. 

It has brought in 1500 users to date, and Hobbs said that the “number is growing daily.” 

The team is now focused on closing an institutional funding round in the first part of 2022. 



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