College Kids Have A Flexible Way To Make Money & Help Neighbors In Need, Thanks To Charlotte Startup

Like many students, the co-founders behind PettyGigs worked their way through college. But rather than just using that experience to pay tuition, William Ward and Alois Monger used the experience to build better opportunities for the next generation of students to earn money in a more flexible manner. 

The PettyGig’s FinTech platform connects busy adults and elderly people in the community with “giggers,” or teens and young adults available to provide on-demand help with tasks. 

We’re solving a two-sided pain point. On one end, millions of young people lack opportunities to flexibly earn and gain financial independence, especially underserved teens and young adults. On the other end millions of busy professionals and small businesses struggle to find quick and affordable help with tasks, errands, and services,” Ward told Hypepotamus via email.

While Uber and DoorDash cemented gig work as an important part of the labor force, PettyGigs saw an opportunity to create a new type of platform to meet the unmet needs of both workers and businesses.

As college tuition and the amount of student debt individuals hold both grow, students are searching for more flexible ways to earn money or pay down loans.

It is also about leveling the playing field for students coming from low-income opportunities. PettyGigs added that 50% of full-time students struggle to balance school commitments and earn liveable wages. 

For families and community members, it is about helping working adults check off things on their to-do list. PettyGigs sees an opportunity to help as more Millennials, Xennials, and those in Generation X take on more caregiving roles and the as the American population continues to age. 

To date, gig requests have included tutoring, yard projects, AV installations, and babysitting.

The idea behind PettyGigs is personal for the two co-founders. Both are immigrants from Liberia who told Hypepotamus they are “passionate about socioeconomic mobility and have committed their time to provide solutions to help bridge socio-economic divides.” 

The platform launched its pilot last July to test out its B2C on-demand model. Along the way, the co-founders said they recognized the need for a B2B offering (something they are ultimately building out). But for now, Ward added that they are focused on expanding their B3C offering with “integrated financial solutions.” 


Meet The Team 

Co-founders Ward and Monger, who describe themselves as “blended siblings” with a “life-long relationship,” bring over 30 years of business experience to the startup world. Ward, who has a Master of Science in Information Technology and an MBA, previously worked at Honeywell and other large corporations in the Charlotte area. 

Monger is no stranger to the startup world, having launched other tech ventures over the last four years. He previously worked in the corporate world in IT, investment banking, and Investor Relations. 

While a remote-first team, about 60% of team members are based in Charlotte. 

For now, the team is focused on growing its presence and platform capabilities in the Charlotte area, with plans to expand across the Southeast and the US down the road. The team was also recently named one of 15 North Carolina-based startups to receive a grant from NCIdea, a private foundation out of Durham. 

“Our vision is to build a world-class company that will impact communities around the world,” added Ward.