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Tech Alpharetta Grad Lands $1.7 Million To Streamline Facilities Management

by Maija Ehlinger

With a new $1.7 million seed round, Maptician is ready to get work…by getting other people safely back to work.

As a facilities management SaaS startup, Maptician’s self-service approach allows “true visibility into space usage,” President Nick Eurek told Hypepotamus. 

On the facilities side, Maptician helps track and visualize things like printers, security cameras, access panels, and emergency resources. Maptician 2.0 gives a “real-time view of employee work schedules in order to maximize space.” 

This is particularly important, Eurek added, if a company has expanded headcount over the course of the pandemic and might now be looking to head back to the office. “Maptician allows the company to configure the space with hoteling (pre-booking and checking in), hot desks, and other shared spaces in order to maximize the existing space.”

Maptician also has an employee-focused mobile app that allows co-workers to book conference rooms, access a full employee directory, and see updated company bulletins.  

The round was led by Nelnet, Invest Nebraska, and the Nebraska Angels. Bryson Koehler, current Equifax Chief Technology Officer, joined as an independent strategic investor.  

The funding will go towards adding new team members in Atlanta and Lincoln, Nebraska. 

While Maptician gathered the attention of several out-of-state investors for this seed round, the company got its start at Tech Alpharetta. “Not only did they provide us with space in which we could focus and collaborate, but Tech Alpharetta opened the doors to many key contacts.  These contacts helped us dive deeper into the world of commercial real estate which resulted in our first pilot customer. We were also surrounded by many high-tech companies where we could learn and share best practices.,” Eurek said.

Al Davis, Nelnet executive director of Enterprise Risk Management, said Nelnet was an early Maptician customer before investing. “Companies continue to grapple with how to bring employees back to the workplace safely and effectively.  Maptician’s technology helps solve these problems by offering interactive distancing tools and system-wide contact tracing, as well as an agile approach to a new hybrid work model with employees working a combination from home and in the office.  Maptician is an essential component of our return-to-work strategy and post-pandemic future.”

The team, currently around 15 strong, has witnessed first-hand the shifting realities of office space over the last year. They are also noticing that employers are taking a more active approach to what the future of office spaces will look like. 

“While a great deal of the initial focus was on the employer confirming that employees wanted to work from home part of the time and from the office part of the time, it is becoming more and more evident that the role of the employer is not just to provide an office location with seats for in-office workdays.  Instead, companies are working to facilitate meaningful interaction and engagement for their employees when they are in the office.  This could mean providing a team with a recurring schedule to work together from the office two days a week or every other week.” 

Prior to founding Maptician, Eurek served as CTO for software development company Xpanxion and co-founded Rural Soluxions, a U.S.-based software testing company.



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