New MediaTech Platform LoCo+ Looks To Capture Atlanta’s Movie & Music Magic

One emerging media platform has big plans to build the future of streaming right from Atlanta.

LoCo+, a city-based streaming network officially launching in the summer of 2021, is looking to bring premium, locally-produced content to digital media fans. Its founding team has deep roots in media, entrepreneurship, and technology. 

Co-founder Kate Atwood served as the inaugural Executive Director for Metro Atlanta Chamber’s ChooseATL program, which created the Atlanta-centric OTT (over-the-top media) streaming platform THEA. Atwood told Hypepotamus that Atlanta is a natural launching point for LoCo+, which has grown as a hub for both tech and creative talent.

“There’s actually a true middle market opportunity here,” Atwood said. “There’s an opportunity to take these content creators — much like we’ve done for tech entrepreneurs — and build a better and smarter pathway so that [content creators] can retain control of creativity…and have more strategic steps to get to that top of the market.” 

Along with co-founder Megan Matousek, co-founder Ronald B. Williams, and Head of Programming Wendy Eley Jackson, Atwood is looking to shift how content creators drive business. 

LoCo+’s four-pronged approach to monetization includes an online tip jar, built-in e-commerce opportunities, new brand partnerships, and an e-ticketing solution that Atwood believes will “move fans from the screen to real life.”

From a brand partnerships perspective, the platform hopes to shift traditional advertising market opportunities, which are still largely centralized on broadcast and traditional media and unattainable for smaller content creators.


Calling All Content Creators

Jackson, a filmmaker and lecturer at the University of California Santa Barbara, said the platform allows for new digital opportunities and “unrivaled capacity to exhibit the unknown, unsung storyteller as well as the established content creator.” 

“LoCo+ gives more ownership to content creators to tell their own story…allowing the filmmaker to engage with their audience and support one another in an unprecedented way.” 

The platform is currently looking for Atlanta creative submissions ranging from feature films to documentaries to scripted series to music videos. Content creators can submit their work for licensing consideration at

It also plans to launch a seed funding round in the coming weeks.  

Atwood added she sees a particularly great opportunity for artists and producers with music videos. “The music coming out of Atlanta has shaped the world and continues to shape the world. But these are also independent artists who are going out and filming these narrative stories through their songs…and to think that they don’t even have a place to build their fan base. Coming out of a year where a lot of people were inside their homes, it gave a lot of talent the opportunity to really just dig in and be creative. And I think we’re beginning to see that come out in real-time. People have been holding on to this treasure trove of content that they’ve just made in the past year. And they’re ready to have it meet the world.”


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Photo by Cameron Venti on Unsplash