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North Carolina Team Merges With Dutch Company To Streamline The Creative Process

by hypepotamus

Morrisville, North Carolina-based inMotionNow has spent the last two decades streamlining and deploying a project management tool for creative teams. Now, they’re joining forces with Dutch company Lytho as the focus on creative content continues to rise. 

inMotionNOW CEO Douglas Thede told Hypepotamus the merger came about because his team was searching for a way to better address client’s pain points throughout the creative life cycle. “Digital Asset Management (“DAM”) technology has been a focus for us due to an ability to enhance the creative content process that inMotionNow already addresses. We didn’t want to simply connect with any DAM provider; we specifically looked for a company that we felt would best integrate with the inMotionNow solution to allow for our customers to create better content outcomes.”

inMotionNow has an Adobe Creative Cloud extension and a project management platform specifically for creative and marketing teams. Many of inMotionNow’s clients are creatives within larger retail, higher education, consumer packaged goods, or other professional organizations. 


Based in The Netherlands, Lytho’s platform helps teams organize and manage brand assets (think logos, colors, and fonts). 

The merger comes as creative teams report higher stress and larger workloads in the wake of the pandemic. A recent survey by inMotionNow suggests that 75% of creative teams have needed to increase the speed at which they produce content since the start of 2020, but are increasingly lacking important resources. 

“We are excited to join together with inMotionNow and bring a complementary set of capabilities to marketers throughout the content lifecycle, solving daily challenges for these teams,” said Lytho Co-Founder and CEO Niels Bouwman in a statement. “By coming together as one team, we see an extraordinary opportunity to help brands achieve better content outcomes in unprecedented ways.”

inMotion previously raised a $3.7 million Series A in 2016. This is the team’s first acquisition.

“Like many tech companies, we’ve transitioned to a remote work environment and are more reliant on technology like the variety we develop,” Thede added.  “In fact, this deal was completed entirely by web conference. Perhaps that’s fitting for two SaaS companies merging in a pandemic.”


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