Incentive Solutions’ CEO Talks About The Changing Channel Marketing Space

Founded in 1994, Atlanta-based Incentive Solutions has evolved with the shifting marketing and advertising landscape. 

As a leader in the incentive industry, the company focuses on software to build group travel, online rewards, and gift card programs.

For CEO Mark Hebert, building up channel marketing programs is the “all-encompassing task of pushing or pulling a brand’s message and products all the way through the channel, touching each level of distribution.”

“We’re in the business of messaging, engaging, and changing behaviors throughout the channel, all for the purpose of helping our customers grow their sales and brand identity,” he added.

To prioritize partner relationships and expand its B2B options, Incentive Solutions just acquired Australian-based startup OneAffiniti, a through-channel marketing platform.

The acquisition is said to help consolidate technologies across the channel marketing software tech stack. For Herbert, the synergy between the two companies made the acquisition a natural fit. “The coming together of these businesses will accelerate innovation,” says OneAffiniti’s founder and CEO, Joel Montgomery. “The technologies will soon talk seamlessly with one another as we develop sophisticated APIs, and this will dramatically improve user experience.”

“Incentive Solutions has been looking for companies to partner with and acquire over the last few years. OneAffiniti’s name came up, and we reached out. Luckily, Joel answered. We established pretty quickly that our companies had a similar focus on clients, our internal teams, and the desire to grow,” added Herbert. 

“We differentiate Incentive Solutions by combining technology and services. Great technology alone is not what is needed to help get the most out of your channel,” added Herbert. “You need to have people to create the strategy and to deliver on the plan. Our teams are here to help clients with that strategy and execution. Now through the acquisition of OneAffiniti, we can offer our clients two key pillars of the channel tools needed – incentives and marketing automation – which work together to drive behavior and engagement throughout their channels coupled with our people who have the experience.” 

The acquisition brings Incentive Solutions’ headcount to 180. 


What’s Next in MarTech & Channel Marketing 

Hypepotamus asked Herbert about how business has changed for his team and his clients over the course of the pandemic. He noted an overall focus on consolidating technology, services, and vendors. 

He also noted a growing demand for business intelligence (BI) to better connect with data, along with an increased interest in digital marketing efforts.

“Many companies that do business through the channel aren’t ready for this change, especially on the industrial side. Many smaller to mid-size businesses engage in more traditional marketing and sales tactics — their entire plans are built through relationships and getting in front of the client. With COVID, those tactics didn’t really work. This is what makes Through-Channel Marketing Automation (TCMA), such a good option. OneAffiniti gives these businesses the marketing collateral, voice, and capabilities they have not historically had.” 


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