Ally Commerce Spinoff Startup Adds Flexibility To Healthcare Payments Proccess

A spin-off startup from Ally Commerce, Green Feather, is finding a niche in the healthcare payments space. 

Atlanta-based Ally Commerce launched in 2007 as an end-to-end eCommerce technology provider for consumer durables companies.  Green Feather got off the ground as the team saw a “demand from healthcare companies trying to make the purchasing experience more consumer-friendly for their patient customers,” Michael Biederman, VP of Client Acquisition and Analytics at Green Feather, told Hypepotamus via email. 

Green Feather sees flexible payment options as a key way to improve the patient experience while ensuring healthcare providers can recover lost sales and increase their customer base by providing more cost-efficient options. 

The startup’s flagship payment software, Feather Pay, adds flexibility around patient payment options by allowing patients to use credit/debit cards, HSA/FSA, digital wallets, installment plans, and other financing solutions to pay for care.

“As a company with roots in eCommerce, we understand what a consumerized buying experience looks like. The future is mobile, simple, flexible, and multichannel. Feather Pay enables healthcare companies to quickly get there, and for patients to afford the care they deserve,” added Biederman. 

On top of Feather Pay, the startup has a HIPAA-compliant eCommerce outsourcing platform for healthcare device manufacturers and retailers and a software solution for prescriptions through telesales. 

The Green Feather team announced it raised a $1.5 million seed round earlier this summer, which the startup says will go towards customer acquisition and engineering efforts for Feather Pay.

Feather Pay recently started a partnership with the dental office software company Treatment24seven

The team’s current headcount is 14, and Biederman added that Atlanta’s prowess as a FinTech hub has helped with recruitment. “We are proud to be an Atlanta-based company and appreciate the infrastructure and access to talent that being here provides. The vibrance of the city and surrounding areas is attractive in recruiting conversations.”


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