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Behind The Verizon-powered Mini-Accelerator Helping Goodie Nation Founders

by Maija Ehlinger

Going through an accelerator can be a rite of passage for many startups looking to build or scale a business. 

But a mini-accelerator? Atlanta-based Goodie Nation is teaming up with Verizon with a short-form program specifically designed to help diverse founders get marketing and communications (MarCom) training. 

The MarCom Mini-Accelerator, Goodie Nation CEO Joey Womack told Hypepotamus, is a unique way to form new connections between Verizon and founders. “First, Verizon is a world-class global company with offices in key locations that can be difference-makers for diverse founders. Second, the company’s reach spans across almost all parts of the economy, making them a perfect partner as our founders come from multiple industries. Finally, many of their MarCom employees have newsroom experience, and therefore are able to provide additional insights not typically seen in most entrepreneur support programs.”

Throughout the month of May, ten Goodie Nation founders will be matched with a Verizon mentor to help learn more about specific marketing challenges. 

Goodie Nation’s Joey Womack

For Womack, tackling MarCom issues is key for early-stage founders. “The average person is bombarded with 3,000 promotions per day. So for founders, it’s about how do we earn their attention? For B2C companies, it’s about creating an engaging brand. For B2B companies, it’s lead generation and earning the trust of corporate decision-makers. For B2B2C companies, it’s about crafting an easy-to-understand narrative that can be relayed to the end-user.” 

Half of the first cohort are founders in the Atlanta area, including Carolyn Pitt (film job placement platform Productions.com), Lundyn Carter (wedding dress rental company Laine London), Rejoice Jones (skills-based volunteer matching platform Vower), Dr. Reginald Parker (Optimal Technology Corporation), and Hajj Womack (EdTech startup Innovative School Tools).

Other founders participating, coming from across the US, include Stanard (Stimulus), Kimberly Gray (Uvii), Evan Leaphart (Kiddie Kredit), Jonathan Rabb (Watch The Yard), and Calvin Williams (Freeman Capital).

“Across the Country, Verizon is investing in and supporting entrepreneurs, small businesses, and communities of color. Enhanced MarCom planning will give these brands a louder voice that cuts through the noise, and a way to bridge the relationship gap by providing mentorship and thought leadership to a diverse group of startups and founders,” Michelle Arrington, Manager of State and Local Government Affairs for Verizon, added in a statement. “We are proud to partner with Goodie Nation and its mission to work towards leveling the playing field for top social entrepreneurs and diverse founders by putting people and relationships at the center of tech.”

The ten participating founders will present their key learnings on May 25th. We look forward to hearing what big ideas come from this mini-accelerator!




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