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Behind Evva Health, The Tech Platform Bringing Community To Caregiving

by Maija Ehlinger

One in five Americans now finds themselves in some sort of caregiving role. Yet caregiving remains a largely informal industry, leaving family members to navigate health and legal issues without much guidance.

Two healthcare consultants are on a mission to “empower caregivers with the right information and the right services to address their needs on a daily basis,” Atlanta-based Carl Hanna told Hypepotamus. 

Hanna, who holds three degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech, has teamed up with his former Deloitte colleague Saurabh Vyas to form Evva Health.

Vyas told Hypepotamus that Evva Health builds on the co-founders’ background in healthcare, remote monitoring, and patient experience and looks to provide a 360-degree view of caregiving. 

Hanna described Evva’s platform as a “superhighway” of information for caregivers juggling information from multiple doctors and attempting to coordinate complicated schedules.

It is also aims to put resources into a streamlined tech platform for those dealing with the siloed caregiving responsibilities or combating burnout, which impacts upwards of 60% of caregivers. 

That might look like working with customizable guides for specific caregiving needs, finding better ways to engage in hands-on care, or connecting with community-level services to address legal and financial challenges. 

“We take the information that resides on a care plan and brings it back in a digestible way,” added Hanna. 

While Evva has an initial focus on dementia care, Vyas added that Evva is designed to help caregivers with “any condition which requires active involvement from family members.” 

Carl Hanna


Bringing Community To Caregiving 

Technology is set to play an even larger role in community-level healthcare with an increasingly aging population.  

Hanna credits the power of community for connecting the team with CodeLaunch, a seed accelerator and professional hackathon event-based originally out of Texas which runs on the principles of Conscious Capitalism

Evva Health recently competed in and won the inaugural CodeLaunch competition in Atlanta, where they were connected with a software development team to further the idea along the seed-stage path.

Saurabh Vyas



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