New Deluxe Technology Center In Sandy Springs Focus On Collaboration, FinTech Workforce

Since its founder invented the checkbook over 100 years ago, Deluxe Corporation has grown to be one of the biggest names in the business development and financial services space.

Despite its massive size, Deluxe’s focus on small businesses has launched a TV show and now has helped the team expand into Atlanta’s FinTech scene.

This month, Deluxe opened its Technology Center in Sandy Springs. The 170,000 square foot Center will have a customer innovation and experience center, focusing on how Deluxe can work alongside small business customers to co-develop new products. 

For Deluxe President and CEO Barry McCarthy, the center will help Deluxe recruit top FinTech talent for their growing payments, cloud, promotional products, and its legacy check business units. 

“We have significant scale on the payment side, processing nearly $3 trillion a year in volume. So we’re a material player in the payments ecosystem. And that’s why it’s so important for us to have a material footprint in Atlanta. It really is the FinTech capital and that payments capital of the country.” 

Different floors are intentionally designed for Deluxe’s team and their small businesses to “talk in real-time to customers and then take that insight and go work on products together.”


“The number one thing that a small business owner does not have is time. So anything a company like ours can do to give them back time to invest in their business, So much for the better,” he added. 

The focus on intentional interaction and collaboration continues throughout the office space — McCarthy told Hypepotamus that the team has done away with private offices.

“In this post-COVID world, everyone — including the CEO — is on the floor with the team working to solve customer problems. We have no ivory tower or places where people can go and hide behind closed doors. You have to be on the team and part of the puzzle while solving problems,” he added. 

McCarthy said this design is also part of ensuring the company is ready for a “highly mobile future” and flexible work options.