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Alpharetta’s SaaS startup CoreView appoints new CEO with Georgia Tech Roots

by Maija Ehlinger

CoreView has already had a busy 2020. After raising a $10 million Series B round this fall, the Alpharetta-based SaaS management platform (SMP) startup added new international partners, hired several key executives, and reported annual recurring revenue by 116% while growing its user base to 8 million. 

Today, CoreView announced that Shawn Lankton will join the team as Chief Executive officer. Lankton’s new role is set to help CoreView through their next big stage of growth, as more enterprise companies and startups alike look to align and manage their growing number of mission-critical SaaS platforms. 

Lankton holds three degrees from Georgia Tech in electrical and computer engineering. After completing his Ph.D. at Tech, he joined McKinsey in New York, where he helped the consulting firm get its software practice off the ground and co-founded Fuel by McKinsey

Lankton says he’s an “engineer at heart, and I really enjoy the process of building things that help people.” In order to dive deeper into the technology space — and get back to his roots in the Southeast — Lankton joined Atlanta-based MacStadium in 2017. 

During his three years at MacStadium, Lankton says he worked to develop a playbook for working across the company to ensure the team was putting the “customers at the center of everything.” And that is exactly what he hopes to do as CEO of CoreView. “If our goals line up with our customer’s problems, that’s how we are going to continue this pace and overdeliver for the enterprises that trust CoreView with the management of their SaaS stack,” said Lankton.  

Lankton is looking to take advantage of the huge market opportunity presented by changes to how tech-based companies connect in 2020 and beyond. “Every enterprise company, for the most part, has Microsoft 365 at the core of their SaaS stack. As companies are sprinting into this totally cloud-based, Microsoft world, the tools are not there for them to do everything they need to do. Budgets are getting cut, security and compliance requirements are getting more stringent. Microsoft 365 is not an island, it exists in a sea of other SaaS applications that are also mission-critical for a business to run. CoreView really helps its customers see everything that’s going on inside of their organization, delegate the administration permissions [to the right person], and automate anything that can be automated, which frees up the most talented members of a team to solve much harder problems.” 

Lankton is joining CoreView during a time of great internal momentum, but he is ready to focus on what’s ahead in 2021. “As is often the case when a company is growing fast, as CoreView is, it’s easy to lose focus. I think we are at a stage now where we’ve helped customers solve a lot of different problems. As we move into 2021, I really want to focus on how we narrow that down so that we are solving the most critical problems…and aligning the entire company from product through to sales and customer success,” Lankton told Hypepotamus. 


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