Atlanta-based RetailTech Team Receives Follow On Investment From Florida Funders

A local ice cream brand helped inspire Atlanta’s latest RetailTech startup.

OTHRSource’s CEO Mark Feinberg said the OTHR stands for “On The High Road,” coming from High Road Ice Cream in Marietta, Georgia.

The RetailTech team is now looking to pave new paths for emerging brands trying to gain traction and shelf space in the competitive retail market.

Walking down a store aisle can be an overwhelming experience for any indecisive shopper. But it can be a nightmare for a small brand looking to stand out against the competition. OTHRSource works with smaller food and beverage brands to improve their merchandising, marketing, and eCommerce support. Brand Helpers serve as in-store support so these brands get the necessary exposure and important in-store data to improve sales. 

OTHRSource currently works with brands like Roar Beverages, Blue Moose Spreads, Goodwipes, Mother Kombucha, Once Upon A Farm, and many others.

Feinberg added in a statement that the team has stayed ahead of the competition by “conducting industry analysis and then focusing on custom solutions for the unique challenges each brand faces.”

The pandemic, of course, changed shopping patterns and the in-store experience for brands and consumers alike. But it also helped the Atlanta-based startup scale.

“At-home delivery of groceries has exploded during Covid and has accelerated OTHRSource’s growth as shelves are left bare, often destroyed by at-home delivery shoppers,” said Feinberg.

The team just announced an additional investment from Florida Funders, which previously invested $400,000 in February 2020. 

Ryan Whittmore, Florida Funders’ Chief Investment Officer, told Hypepotamus that they first connected with OTHRSource at an Engage event at Venture Atlanta. “We were intrigued with what they were doing and the founders’ backgrounds in the space. We see a larger macro trend from consumers towards niche, healthier, smaller brands where a solution like OTHRSource is critical to a brand not being lost in big retail,” Whittmore told Hypepotamus. 


OTHRSource has scaled quickly and has, including its field team, close to 5,000 people across the country. The team is actively hiring for its sales, partner and account management, marketing, and operations teams. 

As stores and brands look towards the post-pandemic world, the OTHRSource team is confident that certain retail trends are here to stay. “We expect a lot of the behavior to continue but it will be interesting to see to what extent.  Either way, we expect the demand for our service to continue as brands, retailers look for additional shelf/store support and the data that comes with the service we provide.” 


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Photo by Mehrad Vosoughi on Unsplash