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Atlanta-based Curricula’s New eLearning Platform Allows Companies To Customize Cybersecurity Trainings

by Maija Ehlinger

eLearning has taken on a whole new meaning during the pandemic. While many have turned to the internet to learn how to bake bread or take on a new hobby, the team over at Curricula saw the need to make sure that cybersecurity training is as engaging as possible in our Zoom-saturated world.  

In fact, Curricula is making it so that companies can create their own cybersecurity training programs, rather than just managing it for their employees. 

The team announced this week the rollout of their new Learning Management System (LMS), which includes the launch of the Creator tool. Curricula customers can now build out custom online training stories that address company-specific security concerns that come up during compliance training and onboarding sessions. The custom platform leverages Curricula’s character-based training videos, quizzes, and other media assets. 

Characters on Curricula’s training platform

“Companies adopted tools like Slack because email sucks to communicate with employees. Curricula is here to fix online training because other LMS content authoring tools suck at training employees,” said Nick Santora, CEO and founder of Curricula.

“We have a fun storytelling approach that is loved by so many people they keep coming back,” Santora told Hypepotamus. “With everyone continuing to work from home, we had to rethink the way we deliver employee training, especially around cyber threats that are tailored based on the needs of your organization. Employees working from home can’t just get up and ask someone for help. Online training has become so critical because it’s the way that our employees learn and interact with each other while working remotely.” 

Joe Rucci, Curricula’s CTO, says the new feature gives an “in-house creative team” to those building out cybersecurity training options for their employees. “We thought it was important to focus on the fact that you don’t have to be a designer to make awesome content. And now all your training can live inside of our simple-to-use LMS platform,” Rucci added. 

The new LMS has already been deployed in several workspaces. “Our team has so much fun ‘defending against DeeDee’ for security awareness training,” said Mike Neumeier, CEO at Arketi Group. “Curricula’s approach to employee training is so creative, and we look forward to including DeeDee in our own content.”


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