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AI Deter Founders Look To Build “Proactive Cameras” For The Security Space

by Maija Ehlinger

Chris Rich has watched crime detection and the physical security space change since first launching his safety concierge service, Hawque, back in 2018.

This “birds-eye view” helped him pinpoint a key problem in how commercial real estate developers and property management companies use video monitoring systems to keep people and property safe.

Rich sees his latest startup venture with co-founder George Grama, AI Deter, as part of changing the narrative around crime detection. The goal behind the startup is to create camera systems that are “active observers” by using computer vision and video analytics. As Rich explained, it is all about making “cameras proactive instead of reactive.” 

Key to AI Deter’s successful beta test this year was its ability to integrate with current camera systems while adding a new layer of real-time insight. But there is more to the “secret sauce” that helps AI Deter stand out in the security space.

“Whereas others offer in-camera analytics, these are static (no improvement with time), with no possibility for updates and endless configurations. AI Deter processes video feeds in the cloud, constantly learning from all the cameras it has connected to improve detections and alerts infinitely: the more cameras are connected, the more our algorithms learn and the better they become,” said Grama. 

This is key as the algorithm continues to learn and improve on any signs of bias, said Rich. 

Third-party developers also have the ability to run and monetize on AI Deter’s expanding neural networks in order to improve detection overall. For co-founder George Grama, this “gives our clients a growing list of detections and even behavior analytics for their crime prevention needs. With more cameras connected, the more our software learns and the better it becomes, which leads to more clients signing up and using it.  These network effects will position AI Deter as a leader in the industry and solidify its position in the market.” 


New Crime Realities, New Opportunities 

Crime is top of mind for citizens and city officials across the country, particularly as cities grapple with fewer overall law enforcement and first responder staff. But for the AI Deter team, leveraging technology could help ensure overall city safety down the road. 

Rich believes that more cities will begin outsourcing non-violent work to private security firms, particularly those that have the technical expertise to review and monitor video in real-time. 

Beyond crime prevention, AI Deter sees its work becoming part of the growing Smart City movement. 

AI Deter has been self-funded to date but plans on raising an institutional round in the near future. The team is currently focused on growing out its B2B enterprises clients, and will eventually add city customers and cities down the road as the team builds out its work in the Smart City realm.






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