With New Partnership, Wellstar Looks To Save You A Headache During The Appointment Check-In Process

It’s a painful experience just about everyone is familiar with: Wasting time in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. 

You walk in with some sort of ailment, only to get a massive headache from waiting in line, verifying your information, and filling out a seemingly endless number of forms. 

What if you could actually get through a doctor’s visit without having to fill out redundant paperwork during the check-in process? Or without having to prove your identity over and over again with your ID and insurance card?  

Wellstar Health System, one of the State of Georgia’s largest healthcare systems, is partnering with biometric security company CLEAR to streamline the patient check-in process and save patients the headache of checking in. 

Wellstar patients will soon be able to opt-into CLEAR’s service and experience a smoother on-site check-in by simply verifying their identity ahead of time. Upon arrival on appointment day, participating patients simply need to take a selfie at the Wellstar CLEAR Verified kiosk to check-in for their appointment. 

Most often seen at airport security checkpoints, CLEAR’s identity platform is finding more unique use cases recently. 

Wellstar co-developed the integration and is the first health system to utilize the CLEAR Verified technology application, according to a press release. The CLEAR integration is designed to be easily implemented for other healthcare partners who use Epic, a popular medical records company. 

“We know that other industries have traditionally preceded healthcare in bringing the latest consumer technologies to their consumers. To bring a secure and seamless identity and registration experience, we wanted the gold standard, and that is CLEAR. They have revolutionized the security experience at airports across the country. They are an incredibly innovative company with the same vision for connecting experiences across industries as we continue to build an ecosystem of care,” Wellstar’s Executive Vice President & Chief Information and Digital Officer Dr. Hank Capps told Hypepotamus. 


Dr. Hank Capps (From LinkedIn)


Capps added that working with CLEAR gives Wellstar the opportunity to rethink more parts of the patient experience.

“Saving time is just one element of our commitment to a streamlined patient experience. Since people aren’t always visiting us when they are having their best day, we’re using technology to create more, not less, opportunities for human connections,” he said. “Another innovation we’re exploring is how CLEAR can help improve creating new patient accounts and resetting passwords. We believe that we can set a new standard for providing a simple, intuitive and secure patient experience.”

Wellstar has already started piloting CLEAR within its healthcare system and plans on rolling it out at additional locations in the second half of this year.