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Tools, Trends & Culture | Zuit Suits

by Tricia Whitlock

Led by Megan Rhinehart and Katie Morris, Zuit is working to disrupt the ladies suit industry one custom wool suit at a time. 

Yesterday we gave you the nuts & bolts on Zuit. Check it out and then continue reading below to learn about their collaboration tools, where they gain their industry insights, and what’s unique about their company culture.


Collaboration Tools & Processes Do You Use:
We rely heavily on Google Docs for project management and HootSuite for marketing automation. We used Survey Monkey for initial market research in preparation for pitching at Startup Weekend.

Where do you gain your insights from and how do you stay on top of emerging trends?
Katie and I are trained in quantitative market research, but we were guided toward in-person customer interviews by our mentors at ATDC. We gained a ton of insight in these interviews, which is why we will be rolling out suit rentals in 2015.

I got the most inspiration this year from House of Cards and Scandal (See “How House of Cards and Scandal Solve D.C.’s Bad-Fashion Problem“). In fashion tech, there is an annual tradeshow in Atlanta called TechTextile which was a big breakthrough for us on the production side.

Currently, we are watching Google’s Project Tango and the entry of the 3D-scanning smartphone. This will help our customers easily take and update accurate body measurements. We are excited about Amazon’s announcement of the Fire, which gets close with its Dynamic Perspective feature.

What’s Unique About Your Company Culture:
There is a saying among tailors, measure twice, cut once. Our motto is measure twice, scan with 3D camera, cut and sew with American suit maker using advanced machinery, and finish with the best tailor in Atlanta.

We are not fashionistas (although we do have style;) but we understand women’s needs. We are women who shop on our phones, would rather spend the weekend in the woods than in the mall, and we have curves. Our culture is about taking the best from traditional tailoring and combining that with the latest technology to better serve the modern woman.


[Photo Credit: Zuit]

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