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Co-Working: WeWork It, Flip It and Reverse It

by Kiki Roeder

WeWork, one the nation’s largest co-working companies, recently opened its newest hotspot in Buckhead. The sprawling two-story space is well-designed with chic yet comfortable decor and lots of natural light. Its glass-framed offices, living room-like meeting nooks, and sleek conference rooms are crafted to spark any social interaction that budding businesses may need.

That’s the mission of WeWork — to offer more than just co-working. Community is at the heart of both its architecture and objectives, with workshops, happy hours, and online networks offered as bonuses to beautiful office space.

“We stress collaboration and community,” says Aja Anderson, the City Lead for WeWork Atlanta. “We have no barrier to entry. You can be in any industry. Our goal is to bring as many people from as many different walks of life, so that they can leverage their experiences to help build each other’s businesses.”

The newest outpost of WeWork seems picture perfect for attracting the staple clientele — millennials and entrepreneurs — that have helped the six-year-old co-working giant grow to 60,000 members worldwide. So, to mark its full month of being open in Atlanta, Hypepotamus took a tour. Come walk with us.

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Photos by Kiki Roeder 

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