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Voxa | Raised 2.5M to End Email Quicksand

by Tricia Whitlock

Earlier this week Voxa announced that they have secured an additional $1.5 million in funding. This seed-extension round comes shortly after an initial round earlier this year, bringing total funding so far is $2.5 million. The latest round was co-led by Ethos Capital PartnersTom Noonan, Premiere Global Services Inc., and Atlanta Ventures.

Voxa software monitors corporate emails measuring average response times and allows managers to run reports on team email activity. This software also sifts through employee email content creating alerts to questions/issues and automatically integrates email contact and content information into CRM systems.

CEO, Johnson Cook, gives you the scoop: 

What was the biggest challenge of raising a round?
The challenges are no different than growing the business. You have to have a clear, big vision, a reasonable path to get there, and assembled the resources you need to make it happen.  Having to pitch investors constantly and receiving tons of feedback helps you constantly re-evaluate your positioning, vision, and messaging.  I believe we discovered our true big opportunity faster because we were pitching investors.

How did you balance raising the round and running your business?
No brainer here and nothing new: have the right team in place. The job of CEO is to 1- set the vision, 2- make sure the resources are in place to get after the vision, and 3- be the cheerleader for the business. The business will keep running as long as item #2 is in place and you have the right people running the right operational roles.

Now what? How do you put that round to the best use?
Now we make the product 100x better. Coming to a big vision and realizing the big opportunity ahead to offer intelligence for all business email means we have a lot to build. Meanwhile, we’re actively selling and adding new customers to the platform. This influx of customers gives us oxygen (aka feedback) for the product and will ensure that we are never building in a vacuum. We’ll continue to build what our customers want.  It’s an exhilarating process that requires constant evaluation of the balance between speed of building and volume of selling.

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