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Virtual Executive Assistants, Tailored to Startups

by Ryan Waller

Stressed out at work? Spread too thin? Are you ready to spend more time doing what you love? Uniquely Virtual is an Atlanta-based virtual executive assistant firm that offers a host of services to startups, non-profits and retired executives. It was founded to offer flexible administrative options in the post-recession workplace.

Rather than relying on contractors like many other virtual assistant firms, Uniquely Virtual hires its team on a part-time or full-time basis. They receive salary, health-care benefits and a flexible work environment. On October 24th, the team introduced a powerful online platform designed to streamline the workflow process and provide an even more efficient level of service to clients. The platform will allow for greater access to potential clientele, and ultimately result in hiring more employees.

We caught up with Thomas Smith to get more of the Uniquely Virtual story:

Year/Date Founded:

Number of Employees:

Kenzie Biggins

How does ATL weave into your story?
Kenzie is an Atlanta native and dedicated to being an innovative and philanthropic-oriented business leader in this community.

Upon completing graduate school at Savannah College of Art & Design three years ago, the vision of starting a business with a community-wide focus became Kenzie’s top priority. She has now done this twice and as a result, has developed a service-driven holding company, named KEMBI – “Uniquely Served Businesses for Social Enterprise. Kenzie and her colleagues work together to help empower, enable and engage the community in addressing urgent social needs and problems that affect us all. These include support of meaningful but under-funded non-profit initiatives as well as under-served small businesses.

What services do you offer?
Services include email, phone, contact and client management, travel planning and itineraries, managing expenses, processing invoices, writing letters and memos and meeting set up.

In what ways do you cater to startups?
The packages offered to startups are affordable, flexible and easily customized. The existence of their services means a startup doesn’t have to hire and pay benefits for administrative support.

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