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Veeshee: Design Your Custom Made Bag with the Click of Button

by Carey Tucker

Ask anyone to describe their idea of the perfect product and the amount of different answers you’ll get is limitless. Consumers love custom made items and Atlanta-based Veeshee believes that, “to create the perfect product, we have to put the tools in our customers’ hands.” We recently chatted with one of the company’s co-founders to learn more.

Founded by Brittany (Martin) Howard, Jonny Howard, and John Imepduglia, “Veeshee is an on-demand retail outlet and manufacturer of high quality custom bags, baby blankets, dopp kits, and much more,” Brittany explains. “We make it easy to choose your own fabrics, patterns, and leather and then we make it on-demand in our Athens, GA facility. We have a wonderful team of talented seamstresses who construct and assemble each unique product with care.”

“Veeshee started as an online monogram boutique with dreams to one day be its own product line. As it evolved, the idea of allowing customers to design their products became the focus. We saw with our other company, UberPrints, how much people enjoyed putting their personal touch on items they purchase,” she says. “Creating custom manufactured products on-demand is a completely different approach than how the industry has operated for decades. We are allowing customers to be involved in the process of developing their own products.”

UberPrints originally started as a project to allow people to create custom soccer uniforms. “Along the way, we realized that the custom printing industry had become a bit stagnant and our idea evolved into allowing customers to quickly and easily order all types of custom apparel,” says Brittany.

Originally from Atlanta, Brittany went to UGA which is where she met John and Jonny, the founders of UberPrints. She began doing business development for them in 2006. “When Veeshee was launched in 2011, I moved back to Atlanta and rented a garage apartment off Powers Ferry Road to house the embroidery machines and products,” she recalls. “There were many nights my mom and I would pack mimosas and embroider through the night to get caught up.”

Veeshee is currently backed by UberPrints and is not looking for funding at this point in time. They and UberPrints are, however, hiring. Visit www.uberprints.com/company/jobs for available positions. “We’re always open to meeting talented people that can help make a difference at UberPrints,” say the founders.

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