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An Affordable 3D Printer | Weekly Crowdfunder

by Ryan Waller

So you’ve probably seen lots of cool projects coming to life with the use of 3D printers, like Miss Georgia 2014’s “Ramblin Wreck” 3D printed wedges. Maybe you’d love to have a printer of your own, but don’t have the necessary 1,5oo+ bucks to spare. Ryan Demattia, the brains behind this week’s featured crowdfunder, set out to make your dreams come true by creating The UNO 3D printer… and it’s available for only $499.

Rather than shipping you a fully assembled printer you will be sent a kit to assemble the printer yourself. Don’t worry – the sensitive components come pre-assembled and pre-calibrated. All you need is the ability to use a wrench and follow basic instructions. Basically, if you can put together a bookshelf you can assemble The UNO.

  • It was designed and perfected by a team with over 20 years’ 3D modeling, manufacturing design & engineering experience.
  • They are currently developing an interchangeable frame that allows you to significantly increase the size and print capability of The UNO for a very affordable price.
  • They will also be releasing upgrades that will allow you to print more types of designs from a wider range of software and devices, using different types of materials like nylon and other flexibles.
  • The UNO can currently print using numerous types of PLA filament giving you the freedom to choose the best/most affordable option from the supplier of your choice.
  • It is compatible with design files created by a variety free software tools like Google SketchUp and AutoCAD 123D, as well as free web-based design programs like Tinkercad and 3DTin.

Through their kickstarter campaign, Demattia and his team are hoping to raise $30,000 by Thursday, December 11th. They will be ready to start shipping printers as soon as they reach their goal–just in time for the holidays!

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