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6 Recent Grads Tydee Up Your Trash with New Mobile App

by Kristyn Back

Taking out the trash, quite frankly, stinks, which is why six recent grads are ready to do the dirty job for you with Tydee. The mobile platform breaks the bag on traditional valet trash services letting customers say sayonara to arguments over whose turn it is with one simple Tydee request.

The team just kicked-off the mobile trash service at their alma mater, Kennesaw State University, with hopes to expand to homes across metro Atlanta. We recently caught up with CEO/Founder, Joshua Guilbaud, to hear how Tydee is tackling the $47 billion trash industry one can at a time.

The Pitch:
Tydee is an innovative spin on an archaic business model. Tydee is a door side waste removal service operating from a mobile platform. Not only does Tydee offer affordable alternatives to costly trash valet services, but Tydee also gives users the ability to earn extra income by partnering with us and performing pickups in their neighborhoods.

What problem are you solving?
People in general, do not enjoy taking out their trash. The chore is an unspoken nuisance in our culture. Our goal is to bring these feelings of irritation to the forefront and provide people a simple solution. In many metropolitan cities, waste disposal sites such as dumpsters are not located within a convenient vicinity to the actual residence. This is problematic for certain markets including: single parents, the elderly, and busy professionals.

Please describe the market/industry impact:
With our current business model, we stand to disrupt the valet trash industry entirely. We have developed a subscription model that provides customers a trash valet service at a fraction of the current cost, with more flexibility, and the opportunity to service their community or the ones around them.

IMG_0402  IMG_0404  IMG_0405Revenue Model:
Our current revenue model is based from a monthly subscription. Our app will also include in-app purchases to enhance the customer experience.

Funded or bootstrapped:
Up until this point, Tydee has not received any outside funding. We are looking to raise no more than $300k in our seed round; but are more focused on building a great product, relationships with our initial customers, and relationships with mentors.

How’d you get the idea for it?
One of our founders, Clark Williams, sat his trash outside with intentions of taking it to the dumpster. Once inside, he got distracted with other activities. When he returned to take out his trash he was startled by a racoon who had discovered his debris. This encounter manifested into Tydee.

Who are your competitors and how do you stand out?
Our biggest competitor is Valet Waste. Currently, they focus exclusively on securing contracts and maintaining relationships with leasing offices; often times ignoring those to who are actually being serviced. We differ from them in several ways, the most important being that we’re operating from a mobile platform that’s customer-centric and allows the members of the community to be the ones who serve it.

How does ATL weave into your story?
Atlanta is home to all of the founders, most of us grew up here and 5 of 6 have graduated from USoG Universities. We also found that the city could benefit from Tydee as rental occupancy is skyrocketing, population influx continues to swell, and the number of individuals seeking supplemental income also increases. We’re really excited about giving our community the opportunity to earn substantial pay for a relatively small amount of their time and expanding the availability of such a convenient service at the same time.

The Team: 


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