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TITIN Tech | Inspiration, Armed Robbery & the Olympics

by Raven Davis

Patrick Whaley was always interested in fitness training. Even as a young boy he would stuff his backpack full of books in an effort to build muscle. In high school he took a closer look at how carrying weight affected muscle growth and started drawing sketches of weighted training gear (which eventually turned into early prototypes of his invention).

Whaley’s work was halted in 2009 when he was shot in the chest during an armed robbery. He survived the shooting, but was severely weakened by his injury. Whaley used his own weighted training wear to speed up the healing process and launched TITIN Tech shortly after. TITIN Tech has been able to make a big name for itself in workout and recovery wear since 2010.

“It doesn’t entirely matter where your location is for B2C business. You just need to focus on your industry as a whole,” says Scott Hakim, director of athlete integration and marketing. “There are pockets of fitness enthusiasts and fitness buyers and as long as you understand how your customers think and why they buy into your brand, success is at your fingertips.”

The Scoop:

  • Featured on ABC’s Shark Tank and received $1M of funding from Daymond John
  • The Netherlands Olympics speed skating team used TITIN Tech for training in Sochi and won 24 medals
  • Received $177,000 from 579 backers in a June Kickstarter campaign, and $1M from Fundable as of last September
  • Endorsed by several big names athletes, including Victor Ortiz
  • TITIN Tech Compression Shirts were chosen for “The Expendables 3” movie
  • Whaley is a GT Inventure Prize Winner
  • Regarding TITIN’s connection to Atlanta, Hakim shares, “Atlanta is a great hub for travel with a plethora of one stop destinations, while additionally allowing us to be surrounded by great startup minds.”

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