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High Schoolers Develop Huge Agricultural Breakthrough

by Tricia Whitlock

When you hear about a team of innovators that have found a solution to a major agricultural problem (and won a global competition for the idea) who do you think of? Old guys in suits… researchers in a university…?

Wrong. It’s three high school students & two of them are Atlantans. 

Team TerraBacter is made up of Vamsi Gadde (10th grader at Exeter HS in NH) , Sai Maddali (10th grader at Northview HS in GA ) and Nilai Sarda (11th grader at Westminster in GA). These students have cracked the code on how to lower the acidity level in soil. High levels of acid effects crop health and yield, meaning this technology has the potential to be a major breakthrough in the agriculture industry.

Gadde, Maddali, and Sarda met each other through the 2014 Young Entrepreneurs (TYE) program of TiE Atlanta (The Indus Entrepreneurs). TYE teaches high school students about entrepreneurship for six months, matches them with mentors, and then has them compete for prizes. At the end of this year’s program Team TerraBacter won the 2014 TYE Atlanta business competition and then went on to become the winners in the Global Finals where they beat out over 700 young entrepreneurs across 23 cities.

The Atlanta Business Radio Show just hosted TerraBacter, listen to the interview.


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