THINK: MK Agency Taking on Rapid Prototyping

High-tech marketing is the name of the game at THINK, an interactive agency in midtown Atlanta. They’re strategic thinkers, curious creatives and masters of innovation.

While web design, user experience, and digital strategy are regular deliverables for THINK (@thinkinc) clients, the real genius lies in their rapid prototyping platform called THINKFAST. Here’s how they describe THINKFAST, it ” helps forward-thinking clients conceive, design and develop next-generation products, services and interface experiences that run on, connect to or are delivered via new technologies. Working closely with your cross-department team, we’ll uncover digitally focused, innovative opportunities beyond your current vision — and bring them to life. The end result: rapid, repeatable, digital-first innovation ideas and programs that have the power to drive your business forward.”

THINKFAST offers two paths for engagement: short workshop sessions and a 12 week TML structured innovation process. Check it out.

Led by THINK’s innovation experts Michelle Berryman (@micberryman), Zach Pousman (@thinky), Tom Lamar (@tomlamar) and Daniel Davenport (@daniel9223), THINKFAST creates unique experiences and leverages new technologies for brands.


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About the Author: Stephanie Peterman has 7 years of marketing experience and is currently the director of business development at AgencySparks. Atl based, AgencySparks provides biz development and communications consulting services to marketing agencies.


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