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The Lowdown with Weand.Co

by Scott Solomon

There’s no “I” in welcome, but there is a “we”. So, we at Hypepotamus would like to introduce you to the We&Co – the super connecting application that matches hard-working service professionals to great restaurants. Here is co-founder and CEO, TJ Muehleman (@tjmule) with a great explanation of the service.

We&Co is a reciprocal service. It gives companies looking for employees the opportunity to find quality workers and also provides job-seeking individuals with a platform to find positions best suited for them. We&Co recently reached 50,000 subscribers and to that we say, “Rock on!”.

If you would like to follow the company on twitter you can do so @weand_co or check out the company’s Facebook page. We&Co is a proud Atlanta company and have made it easy for you to rep Atlanta and you can too


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